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What’s really happening inside? — Bedside Monitoring and Imaging

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Bedside assessment of an infant with HIE is still one of the most valuable skills that clinicians have, and it correlates to the short and long-term outcome as strongly as many other more expensive and time-consuming tools we have at our fingertips in modern NICU’s.

Despite this, assessments are difficult and sometimes extremely challenging to do.

The clinical exam of sick and premature infants is complicated by their gestation, medication, equipment, and experience.   We have many tools to help us reduce subjectiveness and to standardize the assessment, especially when it comes to evaluating infants with encephalopathy.

In addition to our bedside exam, new imaging and monitoring tools have been developed to help us see exactly what’s going on beyond the physical observations we can see.

These tools are becoming more and more popular in NeuroNICUs and in cooling programs, so I thought I would take few moments to review the utility of bedside brain monitoring and imaging for the infant with HIE who is undergoing cooling.

  1. aEEG — the most simple bedside monitor and the most controversial
  2. Video-EEG — most accepted but the least accessible
  3. Ultrasound — the most accessible imaging but not the best frprediction
  4. MRI — the most detailed but not the easiest to get

To help you care for babies undergoing cooling, we have created several great resources for you:

  1. aEEG Webinars & Live Q&A Calls
  2. Ebook – 7 Steps to read aEEG
  3. Brain Cooling Program Best Practice Toolkits
  4. Transport cooling webinar
  5. A comprehensive online Cooling Course for individuals and your entire cooling team.

If you’d like to download a free Cooling Program Toolkit including for your NICU, click here.

In the new Online Brain Cooling Course, Dr. Courtney Wustoff a Neonatal Neurologist reviews the most common bedside brain monitoring tools and imaging options that we should use when caring for infants undergoing cooling.

To get more information about the new ONLINE Brain Cooling Course, click here to download a flyer about the course.  We offer great discounts for your WHOLE TEAM!!


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