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Since the ONE Conference, I’ve had a whirlwind amount of travel (from Munich, Germany to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and several trips across the US too).  I am finally taking some time off this month and heading out to Yosemite camping for a few days over the 4th of July holiday.


I traveled to Munich Germany and presented on the on the role of nurses in the NeuroNICU and shared the experience I’ve had with helping Stanford create their NeuroNICU over the last 5 years.  Also I shared my simple aEEG interpretation tools found in my 7 STEPS E-BOOK.

Also while in Germany I got a chance to visit with Patricia Web (who attended the ONE Conference in San Diego earlier this year)… and she took me on a tour of her home town and her NICU.   My dear friend, Lina Chalak, also come to Munich for the weekend and we had a chance to tour a few famous palaces too.




I gave the closing keynote address at the 8th Annual National Association of Neonatal Therapy (NANT) Conference to an audience of more than 400 neonatal therapists from around the globe on how Every NICU is a NeuroNICU — I know you’ve never heard me say that before 🙂
From NANT I traveled to Chicago and met up with a star-studded group of nurses (many who I am sure look familiar to you from the ONE Conference stage) where we met with NCC to start work on the Neuro-Intensive Care & Monitoring Certification Exam!!! Yes.. it’s in the works.
I ended April, with a trip to Wisconsin, where I spoke at the SWANN (Southern Wisconsin Association of Neonatal Nurses) Annual Education Conference on the use of Aromatherapy in the NICU  and of course, aEEG!
This conference was AWESOME… way to go SWANN team… I really enjoyed their pre-conference evening presentation with Dr. Marcus Davey from CHOP on the future of neonatal care environments was mind-blowing!!!  He and his team of researchers are working on an extra-uterine womb environment that could house extremely premature infants for up to 4 weeks and provide an artificial placenta, fluid-filled, low-stim environment for babies to finish out critical periods of brain and lung development before exposing them to the usual NICU environment.   This concept has already been shown to work for fetal lambs  and according to the plan, may reach human trials in less than 5 years.


Not only was this a big month with the royal wedding of Megan and Harry — but I also had the opportunity to travel to Sao Paulo Brazil to visit some amazing NICUs, meet up with great friends and clinicians doing so incredible things for the protection of baby brains throughout their country (I promise to write a blog article about these projects soon), speak at an international conference on aEEG in the NICU and Neuro-Developmental Care and of course visited some beautiful beaches, soak in the sun, and relaxed for a few days.


After so many months of travel it was nice to be home for a few weeks and catch up with friends and family.  Even had a fun trip out to San Francisco with my dad on Father’s Day.
I ended the month in Denver, Colorado for an Advanced Practice Symposium put on by Denver Children’s Hospital.  This conference was FANTASTIC.
I don’t know where I’ve been for the last few years, but I finally heard a presentation on the Eat, Sleep, Console Model of care for infants suffering with substance exposure.
One of my favorite quotes from Dr. Adam Berkwith’s presentation was “4 sneezes = 80 doses of morphine.” Wow!!! I had never thought of it like that before!!!  I love this concept and hope that many more hospitals will be considering this more compassionate and conservative approach to management of these infants.  If you want to learn more about the East Sleep Console technique — here are a few resources:
1. From Massachusetts — https://www.neoqicma.org/eat-sleep-console
2. AAP Publication –http://www.aappublications.org/news/2017/05/04/PASNAS050417

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