We created the first NeuroNICU in Israel!

Did you hear about the trip our team took to Israel this month? We visit several cities including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


It was an incredible experience, because while we were there we created the very first every NeuroNICU clinic in Israel. We held a one-day conference where we welcomed neonatologists from different units all over the country.

We hosted a two-day workshop at Sheba Medical Center, where we focused on the uses of brain monitoring, hypothermia treatments, and everyday bedside practices.

We also did in-unit training with nurses and trainee doctors, where we helped them learn how to place aEEG sensors on babies, we taught them about developmental positioning practices, and we taught them about some of the best general practices used around the world so that they can implement them into their NICU!

While in Israel, I actually visited the factory where they are developing the very first in-unit MRI and trying to minimize the stress, trauma, and transit time of providing MRI’s for babies so that we can image their brains better!

My biggest take-away from my time here was I learned that it truly doesn’t matter where you go in the world, the principles of the 4 pillars of the NeuroNICU resonate with people.

People can create NeuroNICUs in every NICU because they can focus on the 4 pillars. They can focus on ways they can improve in assessment, ways that they monitor, imaging, development, protection, and much more. Sheba Medical Center is already doing great work when it comes to parent participation in the NICU, minimizing stress, and maximizing the use of breast-milk despite the various cultural complications of that region.

Regardless of race and religion, circumstances and budget, people everywhere in the world care about the baby brain!



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