The ONE Conference: Speakers, and Topics and Agendas, Oh My!

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We truly believe that The ONE Conference gets better every year… and we are all getting so excited about all the presentations and speakers that we have lined up for you in 2019!


The first day of our conference, Sunday, February 3rd, 2019, which also just happens to be Super Bowl Sunday too.   So, to keep us together and to celebrate, we will be hosting an awesome Super Bowl reception for all our exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and attendees.  

The conference will begin at 10 a.m. on Sunday morning and the line up of guest speakers are guaranteed to “kick-off” our 2019 event is a SUPER BIG way.

Our gorgeous venue, the Kona Kai Resort.

The topics we have planned for Sunday will set the pace for the rest of our time together in San Diego. To start the day, I will begin with a review of the trend of NeuroNICU’s world-wide, then Diane Wilson (NNP from Sick Kids in Toronto) will take us on a deep-dive into the most common neonatal brain injuries seen in both term and preterm infants, including then Lauren Heimall (The NICU CNS from CHOP, Philadelphia) will explore the controversies in managing posts-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus.  

Before we break for the Super Bowl party, we will hear from a NICU nurse and Pediatric Neurologist on the concept of HOPE in the NICU.  Sharon Bonifazi has been a NICU Nurse and Manager for nearly 20 years and is a passionate advocate for nurses and babies in her NICU in San Luis Obispo, California.    Dr. Jan Brunstrom-Hernandez, is the founder and Medical Director of One CP Place in the Dallas, Texas area. She brings decades of personal and clinical experience and inspiration on the challenges and triumphs of living with Cerebral Palsy.   

These two presentations will certainly leave us all feeling reinspired about the work you do. I promise you, you do not want to miss these presentations!

Then to wrap up the first day of learning, we will have a presentation on how to strategize implementing all the information you learn during our time together in the year to come.


Hopefully you are able to get a good night’s sleep after watching your favorite team win (or maybe lose) the Super Bowl, because you are going to need it.   The second day, Monday, February 4th, 2019 is our jam-packed full day of education and networking.

On Monday morning, be sure to come by the conference room early and get your first chance to visit with our corporate sponsors and exhibitors, grab some breakfast and coffee, and don’t forget to pick up your early bird raffle tickets!  

Breakfast on the patio outside of our conference room.

Networking is a HUGE part of our conference and we have built in loads of time for you to meet and visit with our partners.  You will have a chance to visit with them before we get started on Monday and Tuesday mornings, during breaks and lunch. We will be offering our vendor bingo game again and will be giving away great prizes for those who choose to play.

Since this is our full-conference day, we have jammed it with some SUPER popular topics.   We will begin with a special presentation from Dr. Paige Church of Sunnybrook Medical Center in Toronto, Canada on the prevalence and long-term consequences of the most common “minor” morbidities seen in the NICU.  Dr. Church is both a Developmental Pediatrician and Neonatologist which gives her the unique position to care for infants in the NICU and after discharge.

From this presentation, we will transition to Joan Smith, PhD, NNP, presenting to us on the results of the SENSE research project at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.   Joan will describe the evidence for sensory stimulation for premature infants in the NICU and the results of their systematic and step-wise program. This work will inform us all on what may soon become the best practice intervention standards for babies in NICU’s everywhere.

The next two lectures go hand-in-hand, first, we will hear from Kris Karlsen (NNP and creator of the STABLE learning program) about the risks and outcomes of neonatal hypoglycemia, then before lunch, we will hear from Diane Wilson, a NNP from Sick Kids in Toronto, Canada, about the latest research in pain management strategies and the consequences of under-managed pain on the developing brain.

After lunch, we will have a quick review of HIE and Bedside Cooling Practices by Shannon Tinkler, the Nurse Educator for the NeuroNICU at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.  Shannon is a seasoned bedside nurse and one of the most passionate educators on this topic.

Following Shannon, a dear friend of mine, Phillip Platt, a NNP from Amarillo, TX will share about his work as founder of a non-profit organization:  a NNP on medical missions in Ethiopia. I know that getting involved in humanitarian healthcare is on many NICU nurses’ bucket list, so we hope that this topic will fascinate, inform and inspire us all as we learn about medical missions trips and volunteer opportunities for NICU nurses around the world!

The final presentation of the day will be by our dear friend, Mary Coughlin (NNP and founder of Caring Essentials Collaborative).  Mary will give us a review of neonatal sleep research (one of her favorite topics) and also the health consequence of disrupted and disorganized sleep for babies and NICU nurses!  

Then to wrap up the day, we will present our ONE Nurse to someone nominated by their peers as making a lasting impression on the field of neuro-conscious care in the NICU.  

danilyn angeles one nurse awardee
Danilyn Angeles, the 2018 ONE Nurse awardee

Don’t miss out on our sunset networking session in the Cabo Courtyard or on the beach with bonfires to keep you warm and toasty!

As you can see this conference is packed with education, inspiration, and celebration!  And we still have one more day to go!


The third day of the conference is when we really focus in on YOU as a care-provider, your personal wellness, and what to do after you leave The ONE Conference and return back to your NICU.

To start the day, we will have a quick and fun review of some challenging aEEG recordings.  Then we will dive into the important concepts of mental health and wellness for NICU babies, families of babies in the NICU and the nurses (and other professionals) who bear witness to infant suffering, strength, and successes on a daily basis.  Michelle Waddell, (Nurse Manager and Consultant of Neonatal Excellence) will guide us through the current statistics on health-care professionals mental health and strategies that we all can use on a daily basis to help us cope with the realities and stressors of the NICU.   Then Dr. Angelica Moreya, a NICU Psychologist from Mattel-Children’s/UCLA will share her research and support programs for families in the NICU and explain her unique role in caring for families and staff in the NICU.

After our final break of the day and your last chance to visit our exhibitor partners, we will get our hands dirty and start building your implementation plan for 2019.  

Mary Coughlin will give us her best tips on implementing quality improvement projects and how to translate research into practice in her presentation titled, “It’s not enough to know, we must do!”.    Then Jayne Solomon, NNP and QI Coordinator at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida and her teammates, Katie Fedor and Elizabeth Boverman, bedside NICU nurses, will talk about their year-long journey from the 2018 ONE Conference, in a presentation we’ve named “ONE and Done”.   

Attending The ONE Conference will leave you feeling inspired, but also a tad bit overwhelmed on what you will do when you go home to your NICU… especially if you are the only person from your unit to attend the conference.  We want you to leave San Diego with a clear plan about what your ONE project will be for the year, and ONE (or TWO) steps to get you started.

We hope that these final presentations of the day will inspire and equip you and your team to take action in 2019!

To wrap up the 2019 agenda, we will be recognizing our first ever winners of the “Being The ONE” awards.    You might be tempted to catch an early flight home, but we truly encourage you to stay for the full day and even an extra night to absorb all these final presentations and maybe even take time to do some networking in the hot-tub!!

The ONE Conference takes more than a year to plan and is a passion project of more than a dozen NICU nurses from all around the world.   Click here to learn more about the 2019 Planning Committee.

Register Now for the ONE Conference!

It’s not too late to register for the 2019 Conference! As a gift we have a special discount code for you to use.   Enter BLOG50 at check out to save $50 off your registration fee.


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