The Brain Cooling Club: Becoming Passionate Through Education

The Brain Cooling Club is an online, on-demand, lecture series featuring 11 international guest speakers who are experts on state of the art in therapeutic hypothermia for neonates with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.

I’m so excited to be able to bring this material to you for two reasons:

1). Meeting California Education Requirements

This online series started out with a desire to help as many NICUs as possible in the State of California come in to compliance with the new California education and program recommendations for cooling centers in the State.  This course does cover all the requirements of the California Children Services (CCS) guidelines; but this course not only meets these requirements, it far exceeds them. Our goal started out as giving NICUs access to excellent education to meet the new State requirements, but has transformed into something much more.


2). Extraordinary NICU Experts

For this course we have assembled a star-studded cast of neonatal experts that typically you can only hear from at international neonatal meetings.    By making this an online course you will get to hear from these amazing experts that I have had the privilege of traveling with and hearing speak all over the world. Each of these guest lecturers are doing such innovative things…  people who are really passionate about brain cooling.

While I wanted to help as many NICUs as possible, at the same time, I wanted more people to be able to hear from these amazing experts... people who are really passionate about brain cooling. Share on X

The course offers many noteworthy aspects, but here are a few of the highlights I’m excited about; especially if you are a NICU educator or CNS:


  • We are going to bring the international experts in cooling right to you.
  • No travel, no conference rooms, no scheduling conflicts.
  • The program is scientific, evidence based, and practical.
  • We do the training so you can focus on the implementation.
  • The training will be available 24/7 so all shifts can access it.


You can register for this course now.

Ready to dive in? Click here!

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