How to Talk With Parents of Infants With HIE

In this recently published article, a NICU research team from Maine Medical Center in the US interviewed 30 parents and grandparents of infants who had received cooling for HIE within the last 24 months.

These parents candidly share their stories and provide us with opportunities to improve communication.  Some of the cited quotes are honestly heartbreaking but so insightful.

The three most important themes that emerged related to communication were:

  • increasing transparency,
  • developing greater consistency in the communication delivered, and
  • employing a direct and compassionate style to improve the parental experience of therapeutic hypothermia.

There is so much we can learn from this article and from these families; and I think these findings apply to all NICU parents too.

Check out full text here.

Learning from parents is difficult, because it exposes our practices from a new perspective...but in the end, it is the only perspective that really matters. Click To Tweet

I truly applaud this research team for taking on this daunting task; and many thanks for sharing the insights you gained.

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