Speaking at the New Frontiers Conference in Omaha

At the end of this month, (March 29th to be exact) I will be heading off to Omaha, Nebraska to attend the New Frontiers Conference held by Omaha Children’s Hospital and Medical Center!



If you’re a nurse or a NICU nurse, this conference is such a great opportunity to hear more about maternal pregnancy complications, practical approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of neonatal issues and the impact on neuro-development and neonatal outcomes, while incorporating the importance of team dynamics and simulation-based training.

And yes, this year I will be a keynote speaker at this conference!

I cannot wait to bring my extensive knowledge of aEEG and neuro-development to the forefront of the nursing portion of the conference.



Check out the objectives of this conference… I think they’re pretty sensational, and I’m so thrilled that this conference partners with Children’s Hospital and Medical Center!

1. Describe recommended practices, current research and quality improvement in neuro-protective care. 

2. Discuss stages of skin development, preventative measures and utilization of various dressing types to aid skin integrity in the extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infant.

3. Assess current long-term neonatal developmental outcomes in ELBW infant population. 

4. Examine causes and contributing factors of maternal mortality including hemorrhage, hypertension and blood clots. 

5. Define briefing, debriefing and simulation, discuss the difference in technical performance and critical incident stress debriefing and illustrate ways to incorporate in practice. 

6. Identify methods to reduce team stress, analyze non- healthcare high-risk/high-reliability industries and their methods to reduce stress and discuss organization-wide team building. 

7. Demonstrate maternal and neonatal simulation-based training and debriefing utilizing an interactive team and panel-based approach.

CLICK HERE to view the conference flyer!

Interested in joining us? There is still time if you are nearby… simply click below to register!

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Also, if you missed our ONE Conference, you can still purchase the recordings of the whole weekend!

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Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions!


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