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Small Baby Units and NeuroNICU’s are among the hottest trends that the NICU has seen during the last decade.

Synapse Care is taking the 4 Pillars of Neuro-Nurturing Care and applying them to the small baby population.  In this course, we are combining NeuroNICU principles with Small Baby Unit protocols to create a unique course that will focus on everyday, simple practices that have the greatest impact on the developing premature brain.

We are all dedicated to preventing the most common morbidities seen in the small baby population, like NEC, ROP, BPD, IVH, and many other three-letter words, but we don’t usually take the time to focus on the neurological implications that these insults have on the premature brain.

In this course, we will give you practical tools to assess, implement, evaluate and sustain your Small Baby Program and you will join a community of like-minded nurses, therapists, and physicians who will be sharing their knowledge, their protocols, their QI tools, and their passion with you too.

Cost: $399

*Two-payment plan available
**Hospital group discounts available

Learn to solve the small baby puzzle once and for all!

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Cost: $399

*Two-payment plan available
**Hospital group discounts available

Course Faculty

Alfonso Vargas


Every Little Thing Matters to a Small Baby

Raylene Phillips


The Neuroscience of Nurture in the NICU

Karen de Bijl-Marcus


Handle with Care: IVH Prevention at the Bedside


Robin Koeppel


Non-invasive Ventilation in the NICU: Nursing Care Strategies


Elizabeth Broverman


“Introductory to the Clinical Use of NIRS in the ELBW Population

Amanda McCusker


The Role of the Respiratory Therapist in the First Hold

Jennifer Canvasser

NEC Society

The Journey of Building an International Movement for a World without NEC

Valerie Chock


Clinical Use of NIRS in the ELBW Infant

Katie Fedor


NIRS Case Studies: Witnessing the Effects of Adjusting the Cube with NIRS Monitoring

Terry Johnson


Nutrition is Neuroprotective: The Four Biologics and the Gut-Brain Axis

Raylene Phillips


The Ultimate Marathon: Supporting Mothers Who Want to Breastfeed their Babies in the NICU

Gabriel Variane


Multi-Modal Brain Monitoring at the Bedside – Case Examples

Barb O’Rourke


The Neuroprotection of Oral Enjoyment by Offering Milk Drops

Media Esser


Skin Care Protocols and Best Practices for ELBW infants

Jessica Jones


Babies and Bugs: Protecting Our Smallest Patients from Big Danger

Katherine Bell


Nutrition Strategies to Brain Growth and Development

Kelli Kelley

Hand to Hold

The Psychosocial Impact of Covid-19 on NICU Families

Steven Miller


Brain Health in Preterm Newborns: The Importance of the Everyday

Mary Coughlin


Applying Trauma Informed Care Principles to the Care of the ELBW Infant in the First Two weeks of Life

Lynn Lynam-Bayne


Therapeutic Normothermia for the ELBW Infant in the first two weeks of life:  Everything you ever wanted to know about thermoregulation but didn’t know to ask

Katrin Klebermass-Schrehof


aEEG in Preterm Infants

Terrie Inder


The Impact of Infection and Inflammation of the Developing Brain

Bobbi Pineda


Optimizing the Environment for the ELBW Infant

Sharon Carter


A Provider and Parent’s Perspective of Long Term Outcomes of ELBW Infants

Kara Ann Waitzman

Hand to Hold

Positioning: A Critical Intervention

Rachelle Sey


Navigating Care of the Extremely Low Gestational Age Newborn: Our Journey to Improve Outcomes


1. Is this only for nurses?

No! Anyone can join the course. We are focusing on the everyday bedside practices that nurses provide to improve care of the smallest babies in the NICU, but there will be key takeaways for all members of the healthcare team

2. Who is teaching the course?

We have an international group of Neonatologists, Neurologists, parents, NNPs, OT’s, PT’s and bedside nurses teaching the content.

3. Do I need to have a Small Baby Unit to join this course?

No, this information will apply to anyone who provides care to our smallest babies in the NICU.  The focus of this course is personal, and you will discover opportunities for self-reflection so that you can apply what you learn to your daily practice; even if your hospital doesn’t have a dedicated Small Baby team or Small Baby Unit.

4. How can I have my questions answered during the course?

As a member of the course you will have access to our networking app where you can ask questions and share resources with other NICU professionals from around the globe.

5. Can I earn Nursing CEU credit? Do you offer CE credit for other disciplines?

Yes, individuals attending the live sessions will be eligible to earn for nursing continuing education credit.   We only have sought approval for nursing CE credit, however, the CA State BRN accreditation may be reciprocal for other disciplines, and is recognized in most other States.  Check with your State Board to confirm eligibility.


This course is approved by the California Board of Registered Nurses, Provider Number 15417, for up to 25 contact hours.

*Due to the digital natural of this event no refunds will be given. 

 **This is an individual viewing license, so sharing of access is prohibited and violations will result in revocation of this license permanently.


The course content is the property of Synapse Care Solutions and any distribution or copying of any materials is strictly prohibited. 


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