Online Courses

The Continuing Education Club is an opportunity to support you all year long while you work toward your goals. There are three packages to choose from, so you can pick what best matches your needs. 

Every package includes the most important thing, our new monthly community connection calls, designed for you to network with other NICU professionals from around the world who care as much as you do about baby brains.

Choose one of the new subscription packages to get the education you need to transform your NICU.

There’s a plan for anything you need.


NCC Certification Exam: Study Group

We are here to help you prepare for the NCC Neuro-NICU Certification exam. Join our Study Group Co-Op starting in October 2019 and be ready to take the exam before Christmas.

Online Brain Cooling Course

18 lectures by a global faculty. Learn the latest research and clinical care for infants with HIE who are undergoing Therapeutic Hypothermia.

ONE Conference Recording

The ONLY NeuroNICU Nurse Training! This conference is for everyONE who wants to create better outcomes for babies and their families. • 17 Lectures • 15 Speakers • 3 Days • 1 Inspiring Conference

aEEG Mastery Course

Build your clinical competence and confidence surrounding the daily, clinical uses of neonatal aEEG in the NICU.

NEW - NCC Neonatal Neuro-Critical Care Certification Exam: Study Group & Co-Op

I hope you have heard about the all-new Neonatal Neuro-Critical Care Certification Exam!

To help you prepare, I’ve put together:

  • A comprehensive, week-by-week study guide,
  • An encouraging weekly email series,
  • A list of recommended study texts, 
  • Six LIVE discussion sessions, and
  • A collection of my favorite webinars and You-Tube videos to help you quickly review the most popular topics.   

Neonatal Brain Cooling Course

You will learn the latest on therapeutic hypothermia from a collection of international nursing and medical experts in the field. Topics range from skin care to neuro-imaging.

With 24 hour access, 7 days a week, you will create consistent education with no travel or scheduling issues!

This course will ensure your team is 100% compliant with the new CCS Education Requirement for Cooling Centers in California.

aEEG Mastery Course

After more than a decade of training NICU’s around the globe on how to implement an aEEG Monitoring Program, I’ve encountered every roadblock to success.

Learn a quick and easy approach to aEEG assessment, common causes of aEEG background asymmetry, basic feature of seizure recognition on EEG and aEEG, the importance of EEG/aEEG during therapeutic hypothermia, how to divide the roles and responsibilities, and so much more!

You will build your clinical competence and confidence surrounding the daily, clinical uses of neonatal aEEG in the NICU in no time!

2020 ONE Conference Recording

Did you miss The ONE Conference in person? You can now easily rewatch the entire conference for a fraction of the cost!

We created The ONE Conference for those nurses and other professionals in the NICU who believe in the power of their small daily actions to make a difference in ONE baby, ONE moment, ONE touch at a time. We have seen first hand the amazing transformations that have occurred for individuals after attending The ONE Conference.

This conference is for EVERY NICU nurse! You can make a difference!

The ONLY NeuroNICU Nurse Training!