ONE Conference Speaker Chats: The Wonderful Mary Coughlin

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been chatting with some of the amazing speakers that we will be hearing from at this year’s ONE Conference.

A few days ago, I sat down with Mary Coughlin, who is incredibly talented and passionate about the area of neuroprotection within the NICU.

Mary will be speaking to us twice this year, focusing on how knowing information is not enough, as well as the crucial role of sleep within the NICU.

“In my second talk, which I love title of… it’s called Sleeping Beauties… I’m really talking about the incredibly critical role of sleep in human development. While I do present some initial information about the crucial role of sleep in the developing infant, I also touch upon the importance of sleep for the family, who is enduring this incredibly tragic and traumatic situation. I I focus on how they can become sleep deprived which mucks with not only the general physical health, but also their emotional and mental health as well. But really, this subject is a triade: it is the infant, the family and the professional. So, I will be talking about the importance of sleep for us as professionals.”

She has been with us for the past few years, and has brought us so much valuable information that benefits not only us as nurses, but also the infants that we care for on a daily basis. We’re absolutely thrilled to be able to glean from her once again!

“We have a lot of knowledge available to us, but we need to take that knowledge and deliberately, intentionally and pragmatically figure out how to translate it into our day to day practice.” – Mary Coughlin Share on X

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