In its inaugural year, The ONE Conference drew nurses, managers, and physicians from across the United States and neighboring countries with a desire to expand their knowledge and deliver the highest quality care to neonates.  This conference was created through a collaboration of Neuro-NICU nurses and, as such, will focus on the professional nursing practice standards related to caring for the injured or at-risk newborn brain.

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I was on your website and saw that you are planning the 2018 One Conference. I am so excited--I am looking forward to attending again next year!!

The ONE Conference was awesome! There was so much great information presented--and in a great format--the presenters were great and really held my attention. We are expanding our developmental care committee to include all of our newborn nurseries, and I am excited to use information from the ONE Conference to educate our staff and improve practice. I particularly enjoyed the presentations about Trauma Informed Care, and also Reducing Procedural Pain. And, of course, your presentations about neurodevelopment and neuro-protective care provided the basis for the whole conference.

Thank you so much for your great work in educating us all about this important work!!

- C.B., RN - USA
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