ONE Conference Overview

The ONE Conference

Creating Neuro-Nurturing NICU's Together

The ONE Conference was created by NICU Nurses for NICU nurses, but everyONE who cares for NICU babies is welcome.


We believe in the power of ONE.

We believe that in ONE moment, with ONE touch or ONE word, you can make a difference in the life of ONE baby, ONE family, and make a lasting imprint on their ONE brain.

We believe YOU are that ONE.

What have past attendees said about The ONE Conference?

Excellent presentations! This is exactly why I come to conference; to better understand what others are doing. Absolutely perfect.

Such a great introduction really got me to start thinking about all I wanted to learn and look for new opportunities for my NICU.

Very inspiring! Thank you! Will forever change how I talk to parents. Every person who works in the NICU should listen to this.

I feel so empowered and inspired to make a difference! Thank you!

Encouraging to see how others that have attended the ONE conference in the past have implemented a plan. Really enjoyed hearing their journey.

This was totally what I needed and I didn’t know it! This really hit home and was rejuvenating. Thank you.


This NeuroNICU Nurse Training Conference focuses on the four pillars of Neuro-Nursing NICU Care – Neuro-Assessment, Neuro-Monitoring, Neuro-Development, and Neuro-Protection. Because these four pillars can be implemented in any NICU we believe that EVERY NICU is a Neuro-NICU, and that this conference is for everyONE who wants to create better outcomes for babies and their families.


The ONE Conference started out as a two-day course about the trendy NICU topic of NeuroNICU’s; but it has grown now to be so much more than that.   

This conference was a first of its kind in 2017 and was created through the collaboration of international NeuroNICU nurses and, as such, focuses on the professional nursing practice standards related to caring for the injured or at-risk newborn brain.  But we also believe that a TEAM who has a common mission can accomplish great things, and we truly encourage everyONE who is committed to the care of baby brains should attend and participate in The ONE Conference experience.  

We know that being a NICU Nurse is as exhausting as it is rewarding.  So, we organize every year’s conference agenda so that we cover topics that address both your heart and your head.   

To satisfy your desire to know everything about caring for baby brains in the best way possible in your NICU we have brought together a star-studded cast of Neonatal ICU experts from around the world.   Our past speakers have included bedside nurses, nurse practitioners, NICU psychologists, Neonatalogist and Neurologists.   These are the best of the best!!

We also know that YOU cannot serve from an empty cup. The work we do is sometimes so demanding that we can’t escape it, even on our days off.   So to help fill you back up, we teach practical examples of self-care for home and at work; and tackle tough topics like compassion fatigue and other mental health issues seen all too frequently in ourselves and our peers.  


2020 ONE Conference

Check out some of these great lectures and many more!

The Neonatal Neurological Examination 2.0 – Taking Your Exam to the Next Level

Exploring the Impact of the NICU on the Neuro-Sensory System – Now and Later

Challenges of Caring for the “Maybe Baby” with Mild HIE

Words Count! The Neuro-Protective Power of Language Nutrition for the Hospitalized Neonate

Creating a NICN Standard of Care

2019 ONE Conference Recordings

Check out some of these great lectures and many more!

The Role of Nurses in the Neonatal NeuroCritical Care Unit

Neonatal Brain Injury: Examination and Diagnosis

H.O.P.E. Stories from the NICU

Living with CP – Perspectives from the Incubator, to the Clinic, and Beyond

SENSE and Sensibility: Supporting and Enhancing NICU Sensory Experiences

All the Cool Kids: Bedside Management during Therapeutic Hypothermia 


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