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NICU News: New app keeps parents updated on babies in NICU

Recently, a new app was released that is keeping families better updated on their hospitalized loved ones. The app, named EASE, allows hospitals to quickly update families in a  more personal way by sending photos and videos of their loved ones.

According to their website, the goal of EASE is simple:

EASE is built to help you improve patient experience and engagement through communication.  Securely update your families from Preop, Surgery, PACU, NICU, ICU and the medical floor.  Simply scan a patient’s wrist band bar code and you can send HIPAA compliant updates throughout the entire hospital experience.
As NICU nurses, we need more tools to help us do our jobs better in every area possible, not just in our medical practices but also in our care for the loved ones of our patients. Click To Tweet

This is obviously an enormously beneficial tool for those of us who work in the NICU, and it will be exciting to see how this new technology helps us better communicate with the parents of our patients!

Nurses in Florida got to see the benefits of this app during Hurricane Irma. With the hospital on lockdown, many parents were unable to visit their babies for a few days. The app gave nurses the ability to send photos and videos of NICU babies to their parents to not only keep them involved in their treatment, but to help provide joy and peace of mind during a time that would usually feel out of control.

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