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NeuroNICU Program & Practice Quickstart & Video Series

NeuroNICU Program & Practice QuickStart

The ultimate guide for your hospital's NeuroNICU

  • 1

    The 4 Pillars of NeuroNICU

    Exploring neuro-assessment, neuro-monitoring, neuro-development and neuro-protection.

  • 2

    Evaluating the 5 practice domains in the NeuroNICU

    Teaching you how to evaluate: Research, Equipment, Education, Protocols, and People.

  • 3

    Your Baseline

    Figuring out where you are now and where you want to be.

  • 4

    PDSA Projects

    How to get from here to there using PDSA projects in the NeuroNICU.

  • 5


    NeuroNICU Roles and Responsibilities worksheet

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NeuroNICU Program & Practice Quickstart & Video Series