Music therapy is not a new field

Not sure about everyone, but music for me is therapeutic. There is nothing better than dancing in my kitchen while I make dinner for my family to the sounds of Gladys Knight and the Pips, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder and every other classic my music streaming service plays. While this may not qualify as music therapy, it is cathartic, calming, and always brings back memories tied to one song or another. Music therapy is not a new field, but one that is gaining traction in the hospital setting. Many days I stroll into the hospital (not ever do I actually stroll, but it sounds much better than scurry), and hear the meditative sound of a harpist playing in the lobby, which brings an instant calm to all who enter the doors. Music in the NICU is also hot topic, as we are now researching the way to integrate this powerful medium into an intensive care setting. Do you have music therapists in your NICU? I can’t wait to hear and read more on this fascinating topic, and how it may impact the tiniest of brains!


Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heart strings. It acts as medicine.



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