Michelle Waddell : How To Spread Happiness In The Most Unhappy Circumstances

Michelle Waddell has been working within the realm of NICU nursing for 33 years. Currently working as a neonatal clinical consultant,  Michelle partners with developers like Slater Labs to create better products that serve NICU babies. She specifically focuses on neonatal neurodevelopment and neuroprotection when she educates the neonatal community.


Michelle will be covering the topic of happiness during the conference, specifically focusing on how being a neonatal nurse calls us to be intentional about bringing happiness to our environment.

We truly can't help others be happy, and help families be happy, and even help our patients come to that place of peace in their own little minds if we are not happy in our own soul- Michelle Waddell Share on X


Waddell strongly encourages neonatal nurses to attend this conference, stating that it is the only conference in existence that focuses primarily on the protecting and preserving of the neonatal brain.

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