Keeping Community : Continuing After Our Conference

And just like that, it’s over. This year’s ONE Conference was an absolute success, with amazing speakers, insightful vendors, and a location that you simply can’t beat!

We’ll be touching on some of the topics that were focused on by many of the speakers in a few of our upcoming blogs, but one overarching theme that was present through all three days was the intense desire from all the attendees to rally together to  serve these sweet little patients better than ever before.

It created a community.

Community has been proven to be beneficial on multiple levels.

A study published in PLoS medicine found that relationships have a major effect on a person’s longevity of life.

It gives a place to let ideas formulate and grow, and provides support for everyday stresses, both in the workplace and in everyday life.

This conference gave us the chance to connect with others who have the same passion to grow within the medical field. It gave a space for us to rub shoulders with others who have the same desire to give better care to the babies that are entrusted to us.

It gave us a chance to meet new friends, and reunite with old ones. But most of all, it gave us a wealth of information that we could discuss together and take back with us to our home hospitals.

If we could give one major encouragement it would be this: Don’t lose touch with the community that has formed during the last few days in San Diego. Keep connecting. Keep discussing. Keep growing. Keep becoming the ONE nurse that you’re called to be.

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