Hospital Group Discounts

Hospital Group Discounts

 Save up to 75% off our usual prices with our group discounts on

all of our Neuro-NICU courses & Annual ONE conference!

Courses that you can choose from

Customize your package. You just pay for a specific number of seats and then you can use them however you choose.  

For example: 3 nurses each take 1 course = 3 seats; or 1 nurse takes 3 different courses = 3 seats

In this course, we are combining NeuroNICU principles with Small Baby Unit protocols to create a unique course that will focus on everyday, simple practices that have the greatest impact on the developing premature brain.  

Individual price: 

$399 per person (including 25 hours of nursing CEU credits)

Course Overview 

  • More than 20 individual lectures, including:
    • Bedside CPAP Management
    • Skin Care Practices
    • Nutrition & Neuroprotection
    • Early Breastfeeding & Oral Immune Therapy
    • Milk Drops Program for Neuroprotection
    • IVH Prevention and Bedside Neuroprotective care
    • Sensory Development and the NICU Environment 
    • Parent Perspectives on long-term outcomes
    • Positioning Effects Everything
    • And so much more

    At Synapse Care Solutions, we firmly believe that ONE person, on ONE shift, with ONE baby and ONE family can really make a difference! 

    Help the nurses in your unit find their passion again. They will walk away from the conference with excellent education and actionable quality improvement project ideas that can make a difference in your hospital!

    Individual price: 

    $399 per person (including 25 hours of nursing CEU credits)

    Course Overview 

    • More than 20 individual lectures, including:
      • How to manage toxic stress in the NICU
      • The science behind protecting sleep
      • Neuro-developmental care in the CVICU
      • Self Care for Nurses
      • Maternal holding and family effects of COVID
      • Understanding Mother-Infant Synchrony
      • How to get involved and make unit-wide change while on NOC shift
      • Specialty Workshops: HIE & Cooling, Brain Monitoring & Imaging, IVH Prevention, Family-Centered Care
      • and much more!!

      Do you want your NICU Team to be excited and engaged again?

      See what past ONE Conference attendees are saying below.

      Additional courses to choose from

      Mix and match and customize your package based on your NICU’s interests and needs.

      Use the form below to tell us more about your NICU.

      aEEG Mastery Course

      Build clinical competence and confidence surrounding the daily, clinical uses of neonatal aEEG in the NICU. 

      Six-modules cover equipment choices, protocols, interpretation, and pitfalls.

      Made for Nurses, NNPs and Neonatologists.

      Now including bonus NIRS Workshop!

      Individual price – $299

      Online Brain Cooling Course

      18 lectures by a global faculty.

      Learn the latest research and clinical care for infants with HIE who are undergoing Therapeutic Hypothermia.

      For California NICU’s, the content of this course meets the CCS education requirements.

      Individual Price – $299

      NCC Certification Exam: Study Group

      We are here to help nurses prepare for the NCC Neuro-NICU Certification exam.

      They will receive a step-by-step study plan, access to practice questions and a list of suggested reading and video resources!

      Individual price – $149

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