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Hope for HIE

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Three little letters, Huge Impact

Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) is known all too well by NICU clinicians. 

However, it’s a term that many parents will hear for the first time when their child receives this diagnosis in the NICU. 

The picture that they had in their mind of what their delivery would be like, how they would bond with their baby, and the years to come are forever changed in an instant …shoulder dystocia, cord prolapse, placental abruption …the unimaginable happens and their HIE journey begins.

Hope in the journey

A critical element of any Neuro Nurturing NICU is supporting families through the unimaginable, and that is at the core of the Hope for HIE organization. 

The organization began in 2010 on Facebook as a virtual network of parents of children diagnosed with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) seeking connections with other families experiencing HIE. 

Now Hope for HIE serves thousands of families worldwide promoting awareness, education, and support. The organization encourages families to connect online and offline through annual retreats and planned family meet ups. 

“We believe that hope is found in the journey, regardless of the outcome.” Click To Tweet

Awareness – Education – Support

One of the many ways that Hope for HIE is supporting families is through their support package program. 

Families can request a care package themselves, and you can also request (3) packages to keep-on-hand in your unit to hand out to families who are new to HIE, whether at birth (cooled or not cooled), or in early childhood (near SIDS, etc.) 

You can connect with Hope for HIE on Facebook and email at for more information on support packages.

Want ideas on how you can improve your family support programs?

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