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4 Pillars Quickstart Guide

I love teaching other nurses how they can begin creating NeuroNICUs in their hospital.

In this quick 4 part series you will learn about the 4 Pillars of a NeuroNICU (neuro-assessment, neuro-monitoring, neuro-development, and neuro-protection), how to evaluate the 5 practice domains in a NeuroNICU, figuring out where you are and where you want to be, and how to get there using PDSA projects.

As a bonus, I have included my NeuroNICU Roles and Responsibilities worksheet!

HIE Toolkit

In the US and other developed nations, therapeutic hypothermia has become the standard of care for infants with moderate to severe HIE. ve 

To improve care, create consistency and ensure staff competency, some States, including my home State of California, have passed guidelines on the minimum requirements for centers that provide cooling to infants with HIE.

I created the Best Practice Toolkit for Cooling Infants with HIE so that you would have a simple way to evaluate and document the scope of your NICU’s current cooling program, and to create a clear path forward to improve the quality and consistency of care in your NICU.

7 Steps to Read aEEG Ebook

My method is so simple and easy that you will be able to use it the same day you receive it! Get started today and also enjoy a bonus video series!


Do you know the

4 Pillars of NeuroNICU Care?

Are you wondering if your cooling program is cutting edge?
Get a FREE copy of our new HIE Best Practice Toolkit

I wanted you to be among the first to know that I have just finished putting together a Best Practice Toolkit for Cooling Infants with HIE and it’s now available for you to download… and there is absolutely NO COST!

 This Toolkit will help you evaluate your program, implement best practice guidelines, and simplify your staff training and program documentation.   

It is a comprehensive document for NICU Educators, CNS’s, Medical Directors and Hospital Administrators to use to evaluate and document their current cooling practice, and create a clear path forward in improving the quality and consistency of care for these very vulnerable infants; and the result is this Toolkit.

I am passionate about helping NICUs by providing education and tools so that you can save time and focus on the most important part of your job… the baby. 

One Brain. Four Pillars. Every NICU.

If you are one of those nurses (or therapists or physicians) who cares about improving not just the survival statistics in your NICU but also improving the long-term consequences of prematurity, prolonged hospitalization, and early trauma and pain that many NICU infants endure, then you are in the right place. 




We believe that every NICU is a NeuroNICU and want to support you and your team as you expand the use of the 4 Pillars of NeuroNICU Care:

  • Neuro-Assessement
  • Neuro-Monitoring
  • Neuro-Protection
  • Neuro-Development


Please download our free NeuroNICU Quickstart Guide that will give you the framework and inspiration to begin your journey of turing your NICU in to a neuro-nurturing NICU!


Also, don’t miss our mini-course with nursing CEU credit.