The First Ever ONE Nurse Award

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The ONE Conference is all about focusing on becoming that one nurse that goes above and beyond for the patients they work with. It gives valuable time to meeting new people, gaining new knowledge, and observing the latest and greatest technology with the vendors that are invited.

Most importantly, it’s about becoming a better version of the already amazing nurse you are!


The ONE Nurse Award

We chose to create an award to honor a nurse that we believe goes above and beyond for her patients, and also for others within the industry to help them grow into better nurses.

This year, we chose Danilyn Angeles to receive this award.

Danilyn is a renowned physiologist who has been given the opportunity to research ways to reduce pain in premature infants. Click To Tweet

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“Some of her research interests include exploring the relationship between procedural pain and oxidative stress in premature neonates, developing biochemical markers of neonatal pain, examining strategies to reduce hypoxia-ischemia in premature neonates, exploring the biochemistry of neonatal brain injury, and evaluating opioid-mediated neuroprotection in neonates. She recently received a $1.6 million NIH grant to conduct her studies,” according to Andrew O. Hopper, MD, Division of Neonatology at Loma Linda University.

Danilyn is currently a professor of Physiology at Loma Linda University and takes the time to mentor potential PHD grad students.


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