Your Facebook Friend is Wrong!

Continuing in our changemaker series, this month we are focusing on tools and strategies to help you find the Strength to be the ONE – the ONE unstoppable nurse striving for the best in Neuro Nurturing NICU Care.  A powerful tool for any changemaker is critical thinking!

As a nurse, one of the more frustrating experiences for me during this pandemic is the seemingly unending barrage of social media posts and reposts full of erroneous facts and articles from bogus sources.  Friend after friend are filling our feeds with misinformation.  
How do you deal with this added stress? 
From my perspective, we have two options. 

1. We can choose to not engage.  Simply stay off of social media (which don’t get me wrong, EVERYONE needs to give themselves a social media respite from time to time) and not subject ourselves to the chaos.

2. Or we can offer our voice to the discussion. I feel a professional responsibility as a nurse to be that voice of reason.

We can ad value to the conversation if we actually understand how to read, dissect, and integrate peer-reviewed articles into our point of view.


To learn more about medical research, I’ve been going through a free course from Yale University that is offered by the online learning site, Coursera, titled “Understanding Medical Research: Your Facebook Friend is Wrong.” You can take this course anytime and at your own pace.  Click here to enroll in this free course at Coursera.

Fishy Facebook science? Yale 'Methods Man' gives tools to ...

I hosted a summer discussion series with my friend Juli to help us work our way through the course. Don’t worry if you’ve missed out on joining our sessions live. All discussion sessions are recorded and available to watch! Click here to get the recordings.