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Connecting the Brain and the Heart

There are so many crucial factors to pay attention to in a NICU environment. Knowing how all of these elements connect and relate to one another is just one vital responsibility that NICU nurses take on in order to provide the best care. Dr. Donna Goff draws attention to the imperative correlation of pediatric cardiology and neurology with these vulnerable newborns, specifically focusing on heart disease within the NICU. As a specialist in pediatric cardiology, Donna provides a wealth of information on the subject of cardiology and neurology.

Dr. Goff is currently a pediatric cardiologist with multiple hospitals in the Loma Linda area, including Loma Linda University Medical Center. She received her medical degree from Albany Medical College in 2003, giving her 15 years of experience within the field. She has focused her research in Cardiothoracic Surgery and cardiology, and has worked alongside many other great cardiologists within the United States.


During the Monday morning session of the ONE Conference, Donna will be focusing on the neuro implications of congenital heart disease within the tiny patients under our care.


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