The ONE Nurse Award

The ONE Nurse Award was first given in 2018 to recognize the lifetime achievement of a NICU nurse who has contributed to the advancement of neonatal nursing.
For 2019, we would love YOUR input!
Please fill out our nomination form below to nominate yourself, a friend, a colleague, a mentor, or someone who has made an extraordinary contribution to the care of newborns and their families.
ALSO for the first time, we are now adding a second award for any care provider, nurse or non-nurse, in the NICU. These awards are called “Being the ONE”.
Nominate someone who has developed new knowledge through research, provided inspirational education, or displayed leadership skills that created a positive work environment.  Regardless of their role, this award is to recognize the work of a special person (nurse or non-nurse) that has made a difference in the care of babies in the NICU.

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