Community Call Recap: The Impact of Restricting Parent Visitation during a Pandemic

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This year at the 2020 ONE Conference, Kathi introduced the Continuing Education Club to support members all year long through education, inspiration, and connection!

Our new monthly community connection calls launched in March and each month they just keep getting better!  Each month, we focus on a new Neuro Nurturing NICU topic through guest speaker presentations and community discussion.  You never know who might drop by!

In case you haven’t been able to join us, here’s what you missed in August!

August 2020 Community Call – Recap

In August, Kathi and I were joined by Dr. Richard Shaw, psychiatrist and researcher from Stanford University School of Medicine, and Kelli Kelley, Founder & CEO of Hand to Hold (and NICU Parent!), as we discussed the importance of parental presence in the NICU and the impact that visitation restrictions have had on parental access in the NICU. 

We started the time together with a brief presentation on the current evidence on infant-parent separation.

Then we opened up the conversation to the community and panel who shared resources for families and staff to enhance connection when parent access is limited, and reinforced the concern we all share on the potential impact of limiting access to babies in the NICU during the pandemic. 

As you know, we have been very concerned since the first days of this pandemic about the short and long term impact that limiting access to families may have on our developing patients and their families.   We shared the FiCARE position statement on parent presence during a pandemic and all agreed that the guidance proposed in that document should be a goal for all of us.


The Impact of Restricting Parent Visitation during a Pandemic

If this topic is of interest to you, check out the short video clip from the August community call below and these other recent blog posts and articles on our website:

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In September 2020, we heard from Melissa Scala and Eilish Byrne about Rainbow Pathway for Developmental Interventions.

This was a presentation for everyone looking to standardize your approach to developmental care for a neuro-nurturing NICU.

To join the discussion, become a Synapse Continuing Education Club member here

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