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Brianna Negrete & The World of Music Therapy

Music therapy within the NICU is a relatively new, yet fascinating practice. Though often misunderstood, music therapy provides a tremendous amount of benefits, not just within the short term but for the rest of a baby’s life.


Brianna Negrete is a music therapist at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. She has been serving NICU babies and their families for 9 years, “I use music therapy to help empower parents on how to use music with their babies, to bond with their little ones, and to help them grow and develop,” she said in an interview with Kathi Randall.


“A lot of people think I just go in and sing, but there is so much more to music therapy than just singing,” – Brianna Negrete Share on X


Brianna works not just in the NICU, but also in the cardiac ICU and the cardiac transitional care unit. Before she began working in San Francisco, Brianna worked at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital for 4 years. Her responsibilities included being the coordinator for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Institute. In this role, she helped certify and train music therapists from all over the world on how to use music therapy with premature infants. In addition, she was a music therapist in the hospital’s NICU, emergency room, with pediatrics, oncology and in numerous other departments.


Brianna was one of the speakers at the ONE Conference, focusing on this hot topic of music therapy within the NICU.








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