Breaking Down Barriers to be the ONE

Is that all you got?

In 1974, Muhammad Ali made history as over 1 billion viewers worldwide watched him become the world heavyweight champion as he won by knockout just before the end of the eight round against George Foreman. For the first several rounds, Foreman, the overwhelming favorite, dominated the fight, landing blow after blow, and he thought he had Ali beat. Then, in the seventh round, a seemingly beaten Ali, after sustaining yet another blow, held Foreman close, and whispered, “That all you got, George?” Later, in an interview, Foreman said that in that moment, when Ali whispered those words to him, he knew that Ali had him beat.

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What exactly does heavyweight boxing have to do with NICU Nursing?

When you think about it we’re in a fight too. We battle every day, every shift, against seemingly unbeatable opponents in the fight for a better outcome, a better future for our patients and their families. 

Who (or what) are the opponents? What are the barriers to implementing Neuro-Nurturing NICU care?

  • Self-doubt

  • Staffing

  • Resources

  • Nay-sayers

  • Fatigue/Burnout


So keep fighting, keep being the voice, the agent for change, the ONE. The next time you feel like you’ve lost, remember Ali. Pull those barriers close – the self doubt, the staffing challenges, the naysayers – and whisper in their ear…Is that all you got?”

Want to learn more about being the ONE? Join us for the 2020 ONE Conference in Orlando, Florida. For more information and to register, visit the conference website here:





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