Brain Cooling Club: What do we cover?

The Brain Cooling Club was created to help NICU’s in California meet the State guidelines for staff education but has expanded to so much more.   We are have brought together a group of international faculty who are experts in neonatal hypothermia.


In this course we cover the topics required by the State of California, and some additional bonus content too:


Here is a list of the learning objectives for the course.


  • Describe the two-phase pathophysiology of HIE and how therapeutic hypothermia impacts the injury
  • List at least two other neonatal conditions that might mimic HIE during the first day of life
  • Discuss the evidence for the current cooling therapy and two ongoing research projects to direct future practice
  • List the eligibility criteria for therapeutic hypothermia in your NICU in terms of: infant characteristics, timing of intervention and contraindications
  • Name the tool your NICU uses to assess infants with HIE; and list atleast two abnormal exam findings which might qualify an infant for therapeutic hypothermia.
Monitoring & Imaging
  • Identify two expected aEEG patterns during HIE and describe the expected evolution during the first days of life
  • Describe the significance of high and low cerebral NIRS values during therapeutic hypothermia
  • Discuss the rationale for the type and timing of neuro-imaging for infants with HIE
  • Describe the implementation process for non-sedated MRI
Caring for Cooling
  • Discuss the risk for, and managment of, at least one potential clinical complication encountered during the three phases of therapeutic hypothermia: inducation, maintanence and rewarming.
  • Recognize the clinical presentation of neonatal seizures and outline the traditional pharmacologic managment
  • Describe one or more benefits of using a servo-controlled temperature regulatory device
  • Discuss the pros and cons of: sedation, feeding, and infant holding during cooling
  • Discuss the role of OT, PT, and developmental specialists for infant with HIE – during cooling and beyond
  • List three strategies to improve communication with parents whose infants are undergoing cooling
Follow up & Quality:
  • Describe at least one common feeding-related concern seen in infants with HIE
  • List atleast three quality care metrics which could be measured for your hypothermia program


Get registered now for the Brain Cooling Club, and take your cooling practice to the next level.

Neonatal Brain Cooling Club

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