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Conference Report: Neobrain Brazil

This year, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Gabriel Variane as a ONE Conference Speaker.  Last month, Kathi chatted with Dr. Variane about her visit to São Paulo to visit Gabriel’s company, Protecting Brains & Saving Futures, and speaking at the first Neobrain Brazil...

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Meet The Speaker

The ONE Conference never fails to deliver the latest in Neuro Nurturing NICU Care, and we are so excited about the line-up of topics and speakers we have planned for 2020. Read on for a sneak peak of our conference faculty and make sure to sign up for our mailing list...

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The Florida Neonatal Neurologic Network

  The Florida Neonatal Neurologic Network (FN3) is a collaborative network of 14 NICU units in the state of Florida. Founded by Dr. Michael Weiss and some of his colleagues from University of Florida in 2011, the network’s mission is to provide state of the art...

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Breaking Down Barriers to be the ONE

Is that all you got? In 1974, Muhammad Ali made history as over 1 billion viewers worldwide watched him become the world heavyweight champion as he won by knockout just before the end of the eight round against George Foreman. For the first several rounds, Foreman,...

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