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Brain Cooling Club: What do we cover?

The Brain Cooling Club was created to help NICU's in California meet the State guidelines for staff education but has expanded to so much more.   We are have brought together a group of international faculty who are experts in neonatal hypothermia.   In this...

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Why San Diego is always a GREAT idea

San Diego, California isn’t the worst place to spend your free time. Beautiful beaches, amazing food, rich history and a tremendous amount of hometown pride... what's not to adore? So of course having a great reason to visit (like the ONE conference, for example) only...

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The 4B’s of Developmental Care – Body

In this article, I'll be sharing the next B in the 4B's of Developmental Care - Body. I think we would all agree that therapeutic positioning along with minimizing sensory over-stimulation have been the cornerstone of developmental care since its inception. But if we...

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What I’ve Been Up To This Year :: Kathi’s Travels

Since the ONE Conference, I've had a whirlwind amount of travel (from Munich, Germany to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and several trips across the US too).  I am finally taking some time off this month and heading out to Yosemite camping for a few days over the 4th of July...

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Is aEEG a Foreign Language To You?

I don't know about you, but I actually enjoy the challenge in learning a foreign language. My language of choice is Spanish and since I recently purchased a home in Mexico, my skills have really been put to the test. I started to realize that my vacation Spanish (una...

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