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Parent Mental Health Assessment

There are few things more stigmatizing in our culture than the label of mental illness. It is an unfortunate reality that many people suffer every day with mental health issues feeling isolated with little to no resources. This is a harsh reality that NICU parents...

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10 Ways to Assess the Baby Brain

All care that we provide starts with an assessment, and when we are talking about the neonatal brain and creating an environment where the brain can be nurtured and nourished then of course we must start with an assessment, not just of the babies, but of the unit and...

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Rate your NICU on a scale of 1 to 10 – Calm to Chaos

In early 2019, a healthcare marketing and research firm, PRC, released results of a nationwide survey of 2,000 nurses. According to the PRC National Nursing Engagement Report, over 15% of nurses reported feelings of burnout, and over 40% reported feeling “disengaged."...

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First Look: Upcoming July Webinars

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to know about all of the webinars we have to offer you each month, so we put together this list (which you can also find HERE on our events page) to help you register on time so that you don't miss a thing! My Baby – My...

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Top Takeaway Series – Neuro-Assessment

We are excited to bring you a new series of blog posts written by our consultant, Sarah Bakke -- Top Takeaways from our online courses.    Recently Sarah helped us revise our NeuroNICU Quick Start Guide. At the end of the course, she wanted to share her top...

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Why Every NICU is a NeuroNICU

Decade after decade, long-term neurodevelopmental follow-up studies from the US and Europe have shown us that although neonatal survival continues to improve, there has been almost no improvement in the rates of common neurologic morbidities, especially for preterm...

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