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Literature Spotlight: Exogenous Ketone Bodies & HIE

LITERATURE SPOTLIGHT:  Exogenous Ketone Bodies as Promising Neuroprotective Agents for Developmental Brain Injury.  When neuroprotection first became part of the NICU dialogue it was typically used to describe those interventions aimed at preventing brain injury and...

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What if parents were a drug?

What if I told you that we possessed a drug capable of decreasing pain and stress in the hospitalized neonate? What if I said that this drug came with no side effects, reduced length of stay, was shown to improve neurodevelopmental outcomes, and was FREE? What if I...

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Finding your Strengths

STRENGTH TO BE THE ONEIsn't it true... timing is everything? You can hear something once and it does not resonate or seem important, you hear it again, and again.. and finally it sticks.  Two years ago, I was given the chance to take Gallup's Strengths Finder (c)...

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