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Webinar – Beyond The NICU: Prediction of Outcome in HIE and Patient Stories

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Beyond the NICU: Prediction of Outcome in HIE and Patient Stories


The live webinar and replay period* for the Synapse Care Community is now over.

However… there are still two ways that you can get access to this incredible webinar recording.

1. Purchase a signed copy of Dr. de Vries textbook, Beyond The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ($75 US including shipping) and you will receive 30 day access to the webinar recording as a bonus! Scroll down to learn more about this textbook.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER THE BOOK NOW.

2. Enroll in The Brain Cooling Course – the only comprehensive online course with more than 15 presenations from international experts in the area of therapeutic hypothermia for HIE.  CLICK HERE for more details on the Brain Cooling Course

*Please note: This presentation was available for viewing by everyone in the Synapse Care Community until June 10, 2019.  



Dr. Linda de Vries has been at the heart of neonatal neurology from the first days of its inception.

In this one-hour webinar, she will be sharing some special stories from her book, Beyond The NICU, an epic resource manual and tribute to nearly 30 years of NICU research and clinical practice at Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 

Known by many for her founding work in the use of aEEG, she has been a passionate advocate for advanced bedside neuro-monitoring, neuro-imaging, and neuro-protection for the last couple of decades.

The stories she will share from the past are designed to shine a light on where we are today but more importantly to provide us with a glimpse at where we still need to go in the future.


Dr. Linda de Vries has trained in neonatology as well as pediatric neurology.

The focus of her research centers around the prediction of neuro-developmental outcome in high-risk preterm and full-term newborns, using neurophysiology and neuroimaging methods, both ultrasound and MRI.

She also sees these at-risk children in the follow-up clinic. In this way, she can perform longitudinal studies, identify risk factors and subsequently improve the care of the high-risk newborn infant.

Dr. de Vries has a special interest in IVH and PHVD, neonatal stroke and brain plasticity.



After the presentation, the participant will be able to:

1. Name at least two tools to use to predict neuro-developmental outcome in infants with HIE.
2. Describe the developmental trajectory of a child with injury to the central grey nuclei or watershed area from the NICU till school age.

Note: Nursing CE Credit for this webinar is only available for students of the Brain Cooling Course. 


Dr. de Vries and Ingrid Van Haastert have published a beautiful resource and interactive book titled,

This book is filled with dozens of case histories from infants cared for in their NICU.  They have included aEEG recordings, MRI images, and the long-term follow up observations and findings, beyond the NICU, to educate and inspire us.

This resource is one of a kind, and now you can get a SIGNED COPY of this book shipped right to you, anywhere in the world, for only $75 USD. As a special bonus and special Thank You, you will get access to Dr. de Vries webinar recording for 30-days too.  The only other way to get access to this webinar replay is as a student of the Brain Cooling Course.  

CLICK HERE now to get your signed copy of this book and access to the webinar.

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