April is HIE Awareness Month!

Hope for HIE, is a global non-profit organization founded by parents of children diagnosed with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE). The organization serves thousands of families worldwide promoting awareness, education, and support. The organization encourages families to connect online and offline through annual retreats and planned family meetups.

Every April, Hope for HIE, launches a campaign to spread awareness about neonatal and childhood acquired Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. This year, the theme is TEAM HOPE. Together, with over 6,000 members worldwide, Hope for HIE wants to team up with YOU to decrease the incidence of HIE, raise awareness and education for all, and improve the quality of life for families impacted by HIE.

This year we’re excited to announce the newest member of Hope for HIE’s Medical Advisory Board, our own Kathi Randall! Kathi is so excited to partner with Hope for HIE to continue to advocate for babies and families impacted by HIE! Here are a few ways we’re working to raise awareness this month!


Get Involved with TEAM HOPE events & download your toolkit!

You can check out the events calendar to participate in various education and awareness events throughout the month of April and beyond! 

Click here to view Hope for HIE TEAM HOPE key dates & events AND download your toolkit!


Connect with us on Instagram featuring our NEW HIE Basics Series!

We’re doing our part to raise awareness too with the launch of our NEW education series,  HIE Basics, on Instagram.  To check out the series and all our great content make sure you follow us


Watch the Hope for HIE Facebook LIVE featuring Kathi!

Did you know Kathi is a member of the Medical Advisory Board Nurses for the Hope for HIE Foundation? You can catch Kathi’s chat with other members of the Hope for HIE Medical Advisory Board Nurses, Betsy Pilon, Jayne Solomon, and Brooke Rakes as they discuss their work in supporting HIE families.





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