Webinar – Alternate Solution to Needle Electrodes for Neonatal aEEG/EEG Monitoring

Don’t miss this webinar where you will learn an alternate application method using the Incerb neon neonatal electrode array for aEEG/EEG monitoring in the NICU.

Recording Now Available!

Needle and hydrogel electrodes are currently widely used for aEEG monitoring, however, can pose risks to baby and caregiver. Learn the advantages Incereb neon brings to brain monitoring.



Importance of neonatal brain monitoring during cooling – designed for this purpose:

  • For use from birth
  • For use on short or long-term recordings
  • Quick application by bedside staff
  • No measuring
  • Symmetrical placement every time
  • Non-invasive, no needles, eliminating unwanted needle sticks
  • Easily removed, no tape
  • decreased skin irritation/breakdown/pressure points
  • decreased overstimulation during application and removal
  • less frightening to parents, safely hold infant during monitoring

Incereb neon in 60sec from Lifelines Neurodiagnostics, Inc. on Vimeo.



Melissa Burke, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM

Melissa Burke is an experienced registered EEG technologist, product manager, educator, and solution seeker.  She gained much of her hospital experience at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s, Cleveland Clinic and Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in San Bernardino working in all areas of the hospital including the NICU, ICU, OR, EMU to name a few. Her love of neonates began in her early 20’s at Rainbow in Cleveland.  She recalls running the first Continuous EEG on an ECMO baby at Rainbow as one of her important milestones in brain monitoring. She also worked at JordaNeuro Science in Redlands, Ca for 21 years assisting in developing the Brain Net® and the WiEEG™: Wireless Triage EEG for the ED. Currently, she is the educational trainer for the Incereb neon electrode array.  To date, she has trained over 300 nurses and EEG techs to use the Incereb neon for brain monitoring.



Jim Roche

Jim Roche trained as an EEG technologist, and has worked for almost 20 years in clinical neurophysiology in the UK and Ireland, including at The National Hospital Queens Square, London, and The Childrens University Hospital, Temple Street, Dublin. Jim also worked in sales and applications for Viasys Healthcare distribution in Ireland and Europe. In 2012, Jim founded Incereb, and invented the neon electrode array for neonatal EEG. Incereb is an industry partner to the INFANT Centre, University College Cork, lead by Prof Geraldine Boylan. Incereb was acquired by Lifelines Neuro in 2018, with Jim assuming the role of VP of Critical Care.






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