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9:00 am

Registration Open

10:00 am


10:15 am

The Role of Nurses in the Neonatal NeuroCritical Care Unit

11:00 am

Neonatal Brain Injury: Examination and Diagnosis

11:45 am Brunch
12:30 pm Post Hemorrhagic Hydrocephalus – How to define, world-wide trends in treatment, and how to change outcomes for infants
1:15 pm H.O.P.E. Stories from the NICU
1:45 pm Break
2:00 pm Planning Committee Introductions
2:15 pm Living with CP – Perspectives from the Incubator, to the Clinic, and Beyond
3:15 pm Wrap Up
3:30 pm Super Bowl Party
7:30 am

Breakfast // Vendors

8:30 am

Welcome & Day 1 Review

8:45 am

Behavioural Phenotype of Prematurity:
The Perfect Storm of ‘Minor’ Morbidities

9:30 am SENSE and Sensibility: Supporting and Enhancing NICU Sensory Experiences
10:15 am Blue Diamond Presentation
10:30 am Break // Posters // Vendors
11:15 am Brain Injuries and Other Controversies Related to Neonatal Hypoglycemia
12:15 pm Neonatal Pain and Brain Development
1:00 pm Lunch // Posters // Vendors
2:00 pm All the Cool Kids: Bedside Management during Therapeutic Hypothermia
2:45 pm Humanitarian Healthcare – Why I Continue to Volunteer in Ethiopia
3:30 pm Break // Posters // Vendors
4:00 pm

Sleeping Beauties — The importance of sleep for the developing brain; and for NICU caregivers and parents

5:00 pm

ONE Nurse Award

5:15 pm

Final Q&A Panel – Wrap Up

5:30 pm


7:00 am

Breakfast // Posters // Vendors

7:45 am

Bewildering aEEG’s: 5 Things that are Messing with your aEEG Recording

8:30 am

Supporting Family Mental Health in NICU

9:15 am

The Reality of Stress, Anxiety and Depression in the NICU…Is it Real? — Best Practices for Nursing Self-Care

10:00 am Break // Vendors // Hotel Check Out
10:45 am

It’s not enough to know. We must do! – Translation of Evidence in to Practice

11:30 am

ONE and Done — From Idea to Implementation

12:15 pm

Being The ONE – Award

12:30 pm

Strength to be the ONE = Wrap up, Final Announcments //2020 Free Registration Drawing

1:00 pm Adjourn

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