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Mӧlnlycke Z-Flo™ Fluidized Positioner – Neonatal

Conformable fluidized positioning device for newborn babies in intensive care

At Mölnlycke®, we want every newborn baby to have the best possible start in life. We’ve heard from neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) clinicians how newborn babies can suffer intense stress in a NICU, and that proper sleep is essential for normal neurodevelopment. 1   Our Mölnlycke® Z-Flo™ Fluidized Positioners for Neonatal can help you provide the right care during these important early stages.

Mölnlycke® Z-Flo™ Fluidized Positioners for Neonatal are specially designed to comfort, support and help premature and ill infants continue normal development with containment in an individually molded nest. The infinitely adjustable neonatal positioners assist caregivers in meeting the unique positioning needs of NICU infants with a wide variety of medical conditions and equipment.

The fluidized medium in the fluidized positioner offers therapeutic support and contouring to help facilitate optimal positioning of the neonate. You can easily shape it with your hands into the right position for each baby and avoid pressure-forming contact areas. And you can rely on it to hold that shape until you re-mold it.

In a randomized controlled trial on use of a conformational fluidized positioner compared to standard positioning, babies calmed more easily, showed reduced wakefulness and were observed to sleep better. 1  Even babies with surgical and gastrointestinal complications showed higher sleep efficiency. 1 

Benefits of Mölnlycke® Z-Flo™ Fluidized Positioners for Neonatal

  • Minimizes the harmful effects of friction, shear forces and abnormal interface pressure on the baby 2 
  • Helps caregiver change the infant’s position with minimal disturbance to the patient
  • Conformational fluidized positioner provides better sleep efficiency 1 
  • Offers a selection of sizes and kits
  • Won’t flatten and heat up like rolled towels and blankets
  • Doesn’t shift, lose shape or retain moisture like foam rings and wedges
  • Can also be used for pediatric patients
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP

Contoured to fit

We understand why it’s important for you to be able to achieve the correct position for each baby:  to avoid the baby’s health being threatened. And as a global leader in pressure ulcer prevention, we’re dedicated to reducing a baby’s high risk of developing a pressure ulcer due to their very thin, immature skin. 3 You can mold our Mölnlycke Z-Flo Fluidized Positioners for Neonatal specifically for each baby to aid in minimizing contact between medical tubes and lines and the baby’s skin. And you can simply remold it each time you need to change the baby’s position.

A new standard in developmental care

Unlike mattresses, fluidized positioners can be contoured to fit each individual baby, even accommodating medical devices as needed. And just like babies, our Mölnlycke Z-Flo Fluidized Positioners for Neonatal comes in a variety of sizes. Kits are also available. Now you and your team can provide the latest in developmental care 1  and position babies for essential sleep and better outcomes.


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Mӧlnlycke Z-Flo™ Fluidized Positioner – Neonatal

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