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aEEG Brain Monitoring Designed Specifically for the NICU

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There is nothing more fragile or critical than a developing brain.  From diagnosis to treatment of a brain injury, our Neuro NICU solutions provide clinical insight and protective support for a very precious package.   Our Neuro NICU focused solutions can be as simple as a gel-filled positioning aid or as advanced as a complete HIE cooling station, which combines therapeutic hypothermia and an aEEG brain monitor.

INFANT COOLING SYSTEM (Therapeutic Hypothermia)

The Tecotherm Neo Infant Cooling System features “Complete Treatment” mode, which executes the 72-hour cool down and re-warm protocol based on the TOBY Study.  While it is primarily used for treating HIE, the Tecotherm Neo can also be used to provide supplemental heat to patients that need extra thermoregulation support.  Ideal for transport, the small and lightweight Tecotherm Neo can be integrated into your AirBorne Transport Incubator System.


The Nёo Brain Monitor is an easy-to-use aEEG/CFM solution optimized for every clinician in the NICU.  It features a simple touchscreen interface that allows clinicians to easily visualize aEEG patterns, quickly assign annotation markers, and review aEEG or raw EEG data in real time.  The unique, actively-shielded WaveGuard head caps provide a non-invasive solution for quick and accurate electrode placement.  If your clinical team prefers single lead electrodes, an actively-shielded, color-coded interface cable provides compatibility to hydrogel, gold cup, or needle electrodes. 


Our integrative developmental care product line offers unique positioning solutions to NICU clinicians and takes a holistic approach to deliver exceptional developmental care and neuro protection for premature and at-risk babies.  They provide flexible yet stable support to increase comfort and physiological stability.  The options range from simple gel filled donuts /pillows to The Transportle, which is an advanced positioning aid system that is specifically designed to address neuro protection on transport. 

Nëo™ Infant Brain Monitoring System

The Nëo Infant Brain Monitor is an easy-to-use aEEG/CFM solution optimized for every clinician in the NICU.

Tecotherm Neo Infant Cooling System

The small and lightweight Tecotherm Neo offers total body infant cooling and warming for your mobile therapeutic hypothermia needs.

Transportle ™ Infant Positioning Aid

The Transportle Neuro Protection system is a clinically advanced positioning aid that provides protective support for the most precious package during transport and into the NICU.

Positioning Products

Our wide range of positioning products provides flexible yet stable support to increase comfort and physiological stability for preterm and ill babies.

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