Making the NICU easier and more joyful

Our Mission:

Every Tiny Thing creates specialty products for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  Our mission is to make the NICU experience easier and more joyful for families. We do this by creating an exclusive line of high-quality gift products designed specifically for the NICU, by NICU nurses and families.

Our Story:

Our Founder & CEO Trish Ringley has been a NICU nurse since 1997.

Since then, she has devoted her entire nursing career to caring for the tiniest babies, as well as to helping families through the harrowing ordeal of having a newborn in the intensive care unit.

She realized that NICU families struggle to find the products they crave to support them during their NICU experience. 

In 2014, Every Tiny Thing was born to provide the products parents need and deserve.

We sell directly to families through our website and, but we also proudly support non-profit groups and hospitals by providing our products at steep discounts for anyone giving our items as gifts. 

NICU Journals

Remember the sweet days, special moments, and the incredible people that got you through the challenging times and celebrated every milestone with our beautiful NICU Journal.

NICU Milestone Cards

Milestones happen every day in the NICU and each one is worth celebrating! NICU Milestone Photo Cards are an easy, adorable way to document your baby’s amazing achievements while in the NICU.

How to Bond with your Baby in the NICU

Please enjoy a free copy of my ebook which includes simple, powerful & important ways parents can bond with their babies in the NICU.

Share the NICU Love

Are you a non-profit group with a mission to support NICU families?

Are you a hospital looking to improve patient satisfaction by delivering affordable yet invaluable, empowering & comforting products that NICU parents love?

Are you a NICU mom or dad who wants to pay it forward by delivering gifts to your favorite NICU? 

No matter what the reason for your bulk order – we want to help you help others.

Whether you want to buy 10 or 10,000 items, we’re here to help.

Questions and Support

Trish Ringley

Trish Ringley

Founder & CEO

Sophie Zollmann

Business Manager