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Dr. Brown’s® Zero-Resistance™ bottle system with the internal vent system provides infants with vacuum-free feeding resulting in an efficient and consistent oral feeding experience.

Providing neuroprotective feeding experiences results in –

  • Reduced Inconsistency
  • Improved Feeding Outcomes
  • Increased Parent Satisfaction
  • Improved Staff Relationships
  • Decreased Costs

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

– Maya Angelou

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Informational webinars for medical professionals. CEU credits available for upcoming sessions.

Infant-Driven Feeding™ Website

Dr. Brown’s Medical™ is excited to unveil the Extended-Edition of The Infant-Driven Feeding™ Program. It’s the same trusted program, now with additional support with a Unit-Wide IDF Program Suite

Dr. Brown's Medical™ Brochure

Dr. Brown’s Medical is focused on providing positive feeding experiences from the start.

Infant-Driven Feeding™ Brochure

Set the standard of care for feeding preemies in your NICU with the neuroprotective IDFProgram.

Dr. Brown's Medical™ Cost Analysis

Using the Dr. Brown’s Medical bottle system is a cost savings for your hospital, compared to typical disposable systems.

Zero-Resistance™ White Paper

View a report on the difference between typical disposable feeding systems and Dr. Brown’s® vacuum-free, controlled-flow bottle system. 

Zero-Resistance™ Article

What is Zero-Resistance and why is it important?

Expanded Use of Dr. Brown's Medical™ Bottle Systems

Learn which populations benefit from Dr. Brown’s® Zero-Resistance™ Bottle Systems

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Jodi Govrik, MA, CCC-SLP

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