TurtleTub™ For Infant Swaddle Bathing

Swaddle bathing minimizes hypothermia and behavioral stress cues during bathing.  Catapult Products has developed everything you need to implement immersion swaddle bathing in your facility.

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TurtleTub™ For Infant Swaddle Bathing

Catapult Products understands the impact of positive experiences on the developing infant. The TurtleTub™ swaddle bathing system provides the needed tools to transform bathing a positive experience for pre-term and full-term infants.  It engages the family and helps them care for their infant in a typical parenting activity.   Swaddle bathing is the least stressful form of bathing.  The TurtleTub™ is ideal for implementing delayed bathing

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The TurtleTub swaddle and immersion bathing system transforms infant bathing to a positive experience. Infants are warmer and happier and families can participate in a memorable activity with their infant. There are two basic approaches to using our system – single patient use and multi-patient use with a disposable bath liner. Items can be purchased as complete bathing kits, disposable packs or individually.

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Immersion Bathing and Immersion Swaddle Bathing. Both types of bathing minimize heat loss and decrease crying during bathing. Swaddle Bathing provides the additional comfort of swaddling that is necessary for preterm infants and beneficial for full term infants. 

View the presentation slides to learn all the benefits of swaddling and how you can begin.

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