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We at Caring Essentials Collaborative believe that there IS a better way to provide quality healthcare and it begins with you. Being trauma informed is sharing our own story which enables us to connect with the stories of others. Today the concept of a trauma informed approach to care transcends all settings and invites professionals and caregivers to connect with others with open, understanding hearts.  Through the journey of becoming trauma informed, cultural transformation takes shape to offer a more energized, empowered and collaborative environment.  Our role is to serve you by offering comprehensive education, organized evidenced-based frameworks and an unfailing commitment to help you create more compassionate, nurturing and mindful caring experiences for babies, children, families, colleagues and yourself.  Caring Essentials Collaborative is now the internationally recognized leader in trauma informed developmental care education.

The Trauma Informed Professional Certificate Program…

The Trauma Informed Professional Certificate Program is an assessment-based program offering both live (virtual) and self-paced curriculum which is grounded by the eight attributes of the Trauma Informed Professional (TIP).  This program offers a remarkable personal, clinical and professional opportunity to discover your own unique therapeutic value and harness your passion and vision for practice.  Graduates of this program will support the needed paradigm shift in healthcare to align with the principles of a trauma informed, developmentally supportive approach to care. 

 Highlights of the TIP Certificate Program

  • Developed to meet the accreditation requirements set forth by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE)
  • Endorsed by The National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN), NIDCAP Federation International, Inc.  The Council of International Neonatal Nursing (COINN)
  • Offers 46 continuing education credits in accordance with the 244 CMR 5.04 Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing
  • Trauma Informed Care is a lifestyle choice! Something you live and breathe…every moment, every encounter. Being trauma informed begins with you and then radiates outward. It is a ripple effect that has to start at the core of who we are. Unbundling your own trauma histories is so liberating and allows you to live your authentic self! What a valuable gift to myself and to lives that cross paths with mine.”  -Trauma Informed Professional Scholar

SURGE Masterclass

On the journey to become more trauma informed, the first step is to become trauma aware. Trauma comes in all different shapes and sizes and it all matters.  Let’s open our hearts to heal the hurt that goes unnoticed. Now is the time to start the conversation. 

Highlights of the SURGE Masterclass

  • Presents the latest research and brings awareness to the necessity and lifelong impact of a trauma informed approach to care 
  • Interactive open discussion with Q&A to support participation, engagement and empowerment
  • Offers 3 continuing education credits in accordance with the 244 CMR 5.04 Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing
  • “Epiphany after epiphany! Learning from all dimensions. Wrapping all of the core values into a beautiful package from which to work and understand. Love this information so much.” – SURGE Masterclass Participant

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Mary E. Coughlin, MS, NNP, RNC-E

Mary E. Coughlin, MS, NNP, RNC-E

President of Caring Essentials Collaborative

Mary is a global leader in neonatal nursing and has pioneered the concept of trauma-informed, age-appropriate care as a biologically relevant paradigm for hospitalized infants, families, and professionals.

A seasoned staff nurse, charge nurse, neonatal nurse practitioner, administrator, educator, coach and mentor, Ms. Coughlin has over 35 years of nursing experience beginning with her 7 years of active duty in the U.S. Air Force Nurse Corp and culminating with her current role as president and founder of Caring Essentials Collaborative.   

Tara DeWolfe, PT, DPT, CNT, CLC

Tara DeWolfe, PT, DPT, CNT, CLC

Director of Operations

Tara is a dynamic leader integrating trauma informed care into the field of physical therapy.  Tara’s passion is providing a holistic approach to creating nurturing experiences for babies and their families and supporting her colleagues to align with their true purpose.

Tara has provided collaboration, advancement and quality improvement in the NICU. She has mentored NICU/pediatric clinicians to advance the competence and consistency of developmentally supportive care. Recently, she has co-created the Trauma Informed Professional Certificate program and is a leader in the daily operations of Caring Essentials Collaborative. Tara is Director of Operations and faculty at Caring Essentials Collaborative, LLC.

Kristy Fuller, OTR/L, CNT

Kristy Fuller, OTR/L, CNT

Director of Education

Kristy is a charismatic leader in the area of occupational therapy and feeding specialist who loves working with babies and families. As a certified neonatal therapist, she is passionate about sharing a preventative model to support feeding success. With over thirty years of experience, she has developed and adapted traditional feeding readiness and assessment scales to incorporate the best research and clinical evidence to ensure that eating experiences for babies and young children are trauma sensitive and developmentally aware. Kristy is the Director of Education and faculty at Caring Essentials Collaborative, LLC.