Embrace® Neonatal MRI System

Embrace® Neonatal MRI System, the first 1.0T scanner designed specifically for imaging NICU babies inside the NICU. A smaller footprint than you expect delivers the critical data when it is needed, a workflow the NICU team desires, and a process mindful of the baby’s safety. Better care demands better technology.
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The Perfect Point-of-Care Solution for Neonatal Neuroimaging

At Aspect Imaging, we’re committed to empowering medical professionals to continue delivering the best care possible for their patients. The Embrace® Neonatal MRI System puts the power of quality MR imaging where it’s needed most…inside the NICU. This allows neonatologists and NICU staff to more quickly and effectively assess, diagnose and treat their most precious patients, while reducing the potential risks associated with moving the baby from the NICU to acquire an MRI scan.

Image Library

As our image library shows, the Embrace® MRI system provides the clarity and specificity required to make informed clinical decisions, without leaving the NICU.

Virtual Showcase

Step into the Embrace® MRI Suite at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA and see how MRI can be utilized to gain critical information for clinical decisions, without leaving the NICU.

Simplified Workflow

How many steps does it take to prepare to transport a baby to Radiology for an MRI?  How many hours is the baby, and the team, out of the NICU for an MRI?  With Embrace®, the process is completed in under an hour, bedside-to-bedside, without leaving the NICU.

Got a Minute? Get MR Informed

Our MRI in a Minute series of 60-second videos will help you better understand the basics of MRI.  Topics include:

• What is MRI     • Timing of HIE injury.    • What is T1?  What is T2?     •And many more

Questions and Support

We are here to assist you! Contact us at: info@aspectimaging.com

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