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AngelEye Health has a deep understanding of the value that both family engagement and family-centered care bring to the neonatal and pediatric intensive care environment. We provide a complete HIPAA-compliant tele-engagement platform to integrate parents simply and seamlessly into the child’s care team. Our approach has a proven, positive impact on the quality of the family experience, care delivery workflows for the dedicated bedside team, and patient outcomes. From admission to discharge, AngelEye Health positively impacts staff, families, and patients along the journey and ultimately to a successful transition home. From bonding, patient progress and treatment communication, feeding, and focused education, AngelEye offers a portfolio of solutions for supporting the highly specialized needs of the NICU and PICU today and of the future.

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Our state-of-the-art CameraSystem™ brings live-streaming video of the patient to family members anywhere, anytime, on any device. Live-streaming camera access can reduce stress and anxiety for parents, support bonding when family members cannot be at the hospital and improve staff’s workflow efficiency.


One-way PatientConnect allows care teams to easily share patient status and memorable moments with real-time texts, pictures, and recorded videos. The Solution supports the care team’s workflows and gives families a view into the treatment plan and progress their baby is making from any connected device.


AngelEye Health’s flexible OnlineEducation Solution empowers parents by offering a portal where hospitals can upload customizable education and monitor parents’ progress on the patient’s path to discharge. The Solution supports original or licensed photos, videos, PDFs, and presentations organized in a flexible folder structure customized to meet the needs of your families.


MilkTracker is the safest, most cost-effective end-to-end feeding management solution available. The web/app-based Solution offers unparalleled patient and family-centered care technology with support and education. The app seamlessly integrates into any EHR and offers automated data entry of feeding and fortification statistics and assigns and tracks parent education and resources.

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