2018 Speaker Highlight!

Mary Coughlin, MS, NNP, RNC-E

A pioneer in neonatal nursing, Mary Coughlin applies the principles of trauma-informed care as the biologically relevant paradigm to ensure neuroprotection for hospitalized newborns and infants.

Mary has educated, inspired and empowered close to 10,000 transdisciplinary NICU clinicians from over 14 countries to embrace this paradigm and transform the experience of care for hospitalized infants and families in crisis.

Ms. Coughlin, a published author of over a dozen manuscripts, two text books, and several chapters, has over 35 years of nursing experience ranging from staff nurse, charge nurse, and NNP, to hospital administration and now educator, consultant, and coach.


Caring Essentials Mission is to help clinicians, leaders and organizations meet the highest standards of evidence-based practices in nueroprotective care.  They provide education, coaching and mentoring.  Caring Essentials is committed to providing quality, safety, and excellence in the provision of relationship-oriented, trauma-informed care for infants, families and clinicians.

Learn more about Mary Coughlin’s company, Caring Essentials, LLC by clicking here.

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