What We Strive For : The 4 Pillars of Neuro NICU Care

In the NICU, we are trusted with the most vital and precious cases on a daily basis. Without doubt, each case is unique and the care should reflect that aspect. However, at Synapse Care, we believe that there are 4 key pillars in caring for our small, sweet patients well.


Pillar 1: Neuro Assessment

Paying close attention to how the baby is behaving on a developmental and physical level is an important starting point to their journey of care.

Pillar 2: Neuro Monitoring

Alongside monitoring the baby’s behavior and body, studying their brain waves is vital in treating each child’s individual needs. Knowing how to read these brain waves might seem like a daunting task, though it is an area that Synapse Care is well developed in, and intentional about teaching others in order to make sure infants are getting the best care possible.

Pillar 3: Neuro Protection

After these assessments and monitoring, treatment is critical in order to see each NICU baby develop to the point where they can leave our care successfully. This includes medication, and parent involvement.

Pillar 4 : Environment

Obviously, a 3 month old child is going to require different developmental focuses than an 8 week old child might.

Providing an environment that stimulates age appropriate growth and care to our patients is a crucial part of their healing. Click To Tweet


At Synapse Care, we believe that each of these pillars gives each child the well rounded treatment needed while not losing sight of the individuality of each case. During the upcoming One Conference, we will focus on topics that will help us hone in on these pillars in order to grow in our care of the babies we’re trusted with.

Another great way to connect and grow with us is through our QuickStart Guide which gives you a blueprint to follow to better direct your practice!